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    I am very excited to introduce you to this new Korean brand. High quality workmanship, vibrant colours, modern comfortable fitting (narrow fitting ideal for divers) and high quality "Stretching Beyond" Creora (Spandex & Elasthane) fabric.


    This design features very famous Korean anime cartoon characters from Kakao Friends.


    Hoog costumes are very popular among platform and springboard divers (an ideal olympic diving swimwear); and with synchro swimmers alike, using them as synchronised swimming competition suits.

    They are silky, comfortable and long lasting and are very popular amongst platform and springboard divers and synchronised swimmers (artistic swimmers) because of the brightly coloured and outstanding designs. Ask us about measuring the suits for perfect fitting. Junior sizing smaller than the women's sizes.

    Hoog costumes are raised at the chest / neck, stretchy and extremely comfortable. The swim costumes, are made out of a fabric blend of creora® highclo™combined with askin® fabric, durable, chlorine resistant fabric which sustain a swimming training regime and are also ideal for beach, triathlon, underwater hockey / octopush, underwater rugby, or just for leisure swimming.


    • Kakao Friends Pattern design

      Kakao Friends (stylized as KAKAO FRIENDS) are featured characters based on KakaoTalk emoticons released in November 2012 by Kakao, managed by their subsidiary Kakao Friends Corporation.

      The character illustrator is Kwon Soon-ho, also known by his pen name Hozo. Kakao Friends has been used in various products and commercials, and has gained popularity and have become beloved characters in South Korea. The Kakao Friends manager stated that he created these characters to make the KakaoTalk IM service (Messenger type app) easy and fun for the public.


      Characters featured on the swimsuits: 

      LALA Cynical Rabbit - A strange rabbit whose hair has grown from crawling to cynical.

      Hello Brown - A country older puppy dreaming of success in the city, innocent and sincere and not curious.

      Sassygirl Becky - A pig who is interested in diet, bipolar and self-centered. She hates getting fat but she likes to eat.

    • Caring for your swimwear

      1.Do not wash it with other clothes. Rinse it thoroughly with clean water and squeeze it gently and then dry it in the shade.

      2.Do not put it in the washing machine or spin-dryer.

      3.Avoid the slide or repeated friction.

      4.Do not wash it with hot water or iron it.

      5.Do not use chlorine or oxygen bleaches.

      6.Keep away suntan toil from touching the swimwear.

      7.Do not store it with other clothes when it is wet.

      8.Do not store it in an enclosed bag or a hot place.

    • Fabric Description

      Creora® highclo™ provides the highest level of chlorine resistance and improved durability; maintains the shape of the beautiful and stretchy swimwear, gives the swim suits a comfortable fit, superior power, compression force and correction force. The askin® fibre complements the fabric blend with the quick dry polyester and UV protection.


      Fabric : 1. Askin: Polyester 100%  2. Highclo: Polyester 80% / Polyurethane 20%