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    The beautiful Chillies printed Delfina Kneesuit is simply stunning, designer limited edition prints made to brighten you time in the pool or sea. A suit for all Chilly Dippers! If you want to go for a different shape swimwear, check the other styles in the same print.

    Our customer is a size 18 / 20 and wears in the photo size 44.


    The suits are fully lined which will give you confidence that your costume won't go see-through! 


    Bring some fun to your pool or outdoor swims with a custom printed leg suit. The long lasting fabrics and designer unique prints, you know you're buying a knee length swimsuit you'll enjoy wearing.


    Curvy Bathers by Acquawear is always aiming to give swimmers comfortable swimwear and long lasting kneeskins in exquisite prints.The open back design and wide shoulder straps will offer the swimmer comfort, movement freedom and extra support.


    The Curvy Bathers knee suits are a perfect choice for pool, sea or lake swimming training sessions! Our bright women knee suits, can be ordered with a plain graphic design or embellished flower swim knee, ideal for triathlon, swimming training, underwater hockey / octopush, underwater rugby, or just for leisure swimming.